Arduino Library not working

Hey all. Having trouble with the Arduino library.

using an Arduino Mega, with the Odrive example sketch, have the Odrive connected to serial port 2, updated firmware on Odrive recently, firmware file doesn’t say the version, but was downloaded on feb 23 2019.
Odrive Version 3.4 24V

replaced all “odrive_serial” with “Serial2”

commented out this line
//SoftwareSerial odrive_serial(8, 9);

The problem is that the Odrive will only take one command from the Arduino before you need to reboot the Odrive, doesn’t seem to matter what the command is. it will ignore any and all second commands until it is rebooted.

for example, if you enable axis 0 with the Arduino serial monitor, it will enable, but then stop accepting new commands.

I even tried requesting the motors into closed loop control with the Odrivetool, then I was able to execute the test move with Arduino, but it won’t do the test move twice.

I knew that I had changed some other settings in the Odrive config, so I did a odrv0.erase_configuration() command to wipe all previous settings. But that didn’t help either.

Whats the deal?