Are the 8192 CPR encoders you sell absolute positioning compatible?


I’m currently planning on purchasing several of your V3.6 ODrives and 8192 CPR encoders. However, I would ideally first like to confirm that the 8192 CPR encoders will support absolute positioning. Is this the case?

If not, can you recommend any other encoders which will work with your drivers and are absolute position compatible? I’m rather new to robotics and appreciate any pointers you can give.


They are not. I suggest the AS5047p or AS5048A encoders, both of which are SPI encoders that should work with the firmware currently listed as a release candidate (they’re not supported in the master branch at the moment.

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Thanks so much for your reply.

I’m designing an exo-skeleton arm master which will control the position of a robotic slave arm. Ideally, the exo-skeleton arm will reflect forces applied to the robotic arm onto the user.

Are either of the encoders you mentioned superior for this application, or are they identical in their functionality?