Array Index Out of Range on DFU Update Windows


Forgive any noobiness that follows:
Machine: Win10/Ubuntu 16.04 dualboot
Odrive: 3.5-48v
Firmware: v0.4.1-dev (unchanged from when I received it)
Python: Standalone, 3.6.2

My Goal: I’m looking to compile and flash the devel branch firmware so I can use my odrive with a couple hoverboard motors.

I’m currently making a go of this on the windows side of my machine and running into errors while trying to change the firmware on my odrive. If I run odrivetool dfu with the odrive’s physical switch on DFU mode I end up with this:

( I did the zadig utility to set the driver for STM32 BOOTLOADER to libusb-32)

Any thoughts on what might be going wrong?

Thanks in advance!


Hi, we have had a bunch of issues with DFU mode, and I think yours is actually a new variation. Can you please add these details to the github issue?

It may take us a while to really nail this down, I’d be happy to send you an ST-Link in the mean-time so you can flash your board. Please DM me your shipping address.



I ordered a couple of odrive boards a few weeks back which I intend to use with brushless hub motors and have ended up with the exact same error as alonks above. I have ordered an stlink to see if that will work around the issue.