AS5047P encoder resetting to zero

First time posting here. I’m using an Odrive 3.6 with an AS5047P encoder, everything is awesome so with basic testing. However I realized that every time I reset the Odrive, the encoder resets the count to zero. I thought that this would give me absolute positioning and would keep its encoder count based on how the magnet is oriented. If I need to post the code please let me know, but it’s just following the website info.
I’m able to get it to closed loop control and give it a position to move to, which it does fantastically. However if I set it to position “100” then shut it off, it will think it’s at position 0 on startup.
Is there any way to fix this?

Hey there,

The ODrive has no way of knowing if the axis has moved while powered off, so this is generally not possible. However, you can home to a known position using an endstop.