ASCII Protocol wont move motors

Hello, Just connected 56vlt controller to hoveboard motors, 36volt batt. I figure easiest way to test was use Com Port and ascii commands. I used Realterm 115200 on both GPIO1,2 and USB port (14). I can read bus voltage so I know its connected ok. But any commands I try to move motors the current drivers sit at constant 1.5volts and motors don’t turn. Tried using t 0 (various numbers) q 0 -2 1 0.1 to no avail. commands do not kick back invalid command so I assume they are ok. Is there some command I am missing to set up 1st? Ascii doc isnt very informative. Pleas Help, R Grieb

Have you set up the ODrive via USB yet, as per the Getting Started guide?
You shouldn’t try to use the ASCII protocol before configuring it via USB/odrivetool.

Just got the odrive tool running and connected today, I guess I have a lot to learn on setting up the configuration for hoverboard motors, I did get some movement and wheel LEDs came on during the arduino 0 calibration tests via gpio UART. I wish I had a set of odrive tool parameters for hoverboard motors I could start with. I am assuming all of these issues are related to my startup config file needs to be correct and stored. Thanks for input.

So I built a config with Odrivetool, BUT When I use the odrv0.save_configuration(), the USB connection drops, then immediately re-connects, is this normal? It doesn’t seem right

Yes, that’s quite normal. Basically save_configuration() calls reboot() afterwards.

After configuring motor , encoder and controller with values from Utube Robot6, requested state AXIS_STATE_MOTOR_CALIBRATION only spins .10 degree motor led lights then goes to Idle state AXIS_STATE_ENCODER_OFFSET_CALIBRATION nothing spins, motors have leds, they do not light either. odrv0.axis0 show 0 errors… my motor phase_inductance and phase_resistance both show 0.0. Im not sure why that is, but I assume still something set wrong.

Check dump_errors(odrv0)