ATM102 encoder problem

I’m trying to test the AMT102 encoder, after running odrv0.axis0.requested_state = AXIS_STATE_FULL_CALIBRATION_SEQUENCE, then run odrv0.axis0.error, it returns 257, is that error mean ERROR_ENCODER_FAILED + ERROR_UNSTABLE_GAIN? or something else?

axis error 257 = 0x101 means encoder failed. You need to tell me the encoder error number for me to verify what it means.

Please tell me how to get the encoder error number, thank you.

hi, I got 2 by using odrv0.axis0.encoder.error, what does that mean? is that something wrong with the encoder? but I inspected the ATM102 wave is ok, and after I change the 1336 cpr encoder odrive runs well.

Refer to the troubleshooting guide for what the error messages are for a given set of error flags.

hi, I know that error is ERROR_CPR_OUT_OF_RANGE, but what does that mean?

Did a search on the github repo and found where that error gets raised. Sounds to me like your CPR value isn’t set correctly. What have you set your axis.encoder.config.cpr to? For the AMT102 it should be 8192 assuming you haven’t toggled any of the DIP switches on the encoder.

ERROR_CPR_OUT_OF_RANGE will occur when any of the following are true

  1. Encoder CPR is set incorrectly
  2. Motor Pole Pair # is set incorrectly
  3. Encoder slippage is occurring during calibration
  4. Motor cannot move properly during calibration (I think)

Thank you, it is resolved. It is the encoder assembly problem.

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hi ,may I ask U about error number ‘axis0 encoder error 0x0001’? I know that means error_unstable_gain, but how to solve this problem?