Autonomous Go-Kart project

Hello all, just wanted to create a thread for my teams project as we get closer to competition (evgrandprix) for this thing.

Last year our go kart’s steering was ok, but we wanted to make our lives easier when it came to tuning and dealing with the demands of precision and torque required to steer this thing.

We wanted to have the ability to easily control the steering from our teensy-VCU while also using the reliable FRC parts we are used to using from high school. The platform also has to be pretty damn reliable because we are racing these autonomous go karts wheel to wheel there is very little margin for error.

video of first turns

I cant wait to share more in the coming days. (from experience, RC and autonomous go karts are extremely scary to operate and be around)

Here is some of the CAD of v2 of the kart. Around half of it is manufactured right now.

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Neat! Is this a highschool project? Have you guys thought about doing Formula SAE / Formula Student?