Axis 1 stops (current limit/sense saturation errors)

Hello Odrive Community,

I have two of these motors connected to 56V version of Odrive 3.6

Motors: 13 inch single shaft tractor tire geared wheelbarrow motor - UU Motor

I was able to calibrate the motors and get to RC PWM control. I added 47 nf caps, noise chokes and twisted the wires. I belive I don’t have a ground loop.

I am using 36V 10S3P 10AH battery for powering up Odrive.

Right after I sent input_vel values, axis1 goes into error state as below:


As I adjusted the current lim margin, axis 1 throws SENSE SATURATION ERROR


This issue happens only on Axis 1, specifically when Axis0 motor changes direction or speed. With RC PWM input, it happens from the get go on Axis 1 sometimes and sometimes a few second after the wheel spins.

At this point I don’t know what to do about this issue and would appreciate your inputs and help greatly.


If anyone is wondering about the solution, so far I was not able to solve it. I had to switch from Odrive to VESC and so far it was the best choice for my project. While Odrive is a great controller, for my application it was a little too much to debug all the issues. I am still going to use Odrive on much smaller motors for other projects.

How do you like that motor? I’m trying to build a big rover, but I can’t find any reviews of the uumotor stuff other than one post on endless-sphere from a few years ago. If you recommend them, can you share what site you bought them through?

(BTW: I had a similar strange error with a cheap ebike motor that wouldn’t ever calibrate with the ODrive but worked fine with VESC. I agree, ODrive is awesome sometimes.)