Basic ASCII Question

I’m looking to implement the new ascii protool for rebooting my ODrive through arduino, the ODrive is running the newest 0.4.8, but I can’t seem to find out how to actually use the command, the info for the new update says " ss , se , sr commands to ascii protocol, for save config, erase config and reboot." and I’ve read the “” int the docs folder of v0.4.8 firmware, which led me to think the following is the answer

OdriveSerial << " sr" << ‘\n’;

But nothing seems to happen, am I messing something up? I’m not sure if my arduino library is fully up to date but I don’t believe sending this type of command relies on the library at all.



Thought I’d give an update in case anyone else needs help. The actual command is sb instead of sr.

OdriveSerial << " sb" << ‘\n’; still didn’t work but removing the space worked

OdriveSerial << “sb” << ‘\n’; works.