Beginnings of a brushless quadruped robot


Hi all,

I’m in the beginnings of a new project, a brushless quadruped, not much different than the Minitaur from Ghost robotics.
I just received my ODrive a few days ago and spent the weekend building a part of the leg assembly. You can see some initial motion in the video below:

(the video is rotated that’s why the lighting is messed, sorry for that!)

The first two moves are index searches, and the third one is a position hold command. As you can see the motor snaps into position almost instantly. It also packs quite a bit of torque.

Really excited about getting into brushless closed-loop control, and looking forward to future ODrive developments!



Very cool! @Nathan and his group made a very similar robot. Lots of pictures here.


Wow that’s a great build! Thanks for the heads up!


Here’s a short update: Single leg gait.


Very nice! Keep the videos coming ;D