Beginnings of a brushless quadruped robot

Hi all,

I’m in the beginnings of a new project, a brushless quadruped, not much different than the Minitaur from Ghost robotics.
I just received my ODrive a few days ago and spent the weekend building a part of the leg assembly. You can see some initial motion in the video below:

(the video is rotated that’s why the lighting is messed, sorry for that!)

The first two moves are index searches, and the third one is a position hold command. As you can see the motor snaps into position almost instantly. It also packs quite a bit of torque.

Really excited about getting into brushless closed-loop control, and looking forward to future ODrive developments!



Very cool! @Nathan and his group made a very similar robot. Lots of pictures here.


Wow that’s a great build! Thanks for the heads up!

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Here’s a short update: Single leg gait.

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Very nice! Keep the videos coming ;D

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So cool! Can I ask how you are communicating between the RPI and the ODrive?

Thanks! Communication is standard USB (native protocol). I’m doing open loop for now so latency is minimally important but I’m planning to move to closed loop at some point, where I would like to achieve sub-millisecond latency for both reads and writes.

Here’s a video I just uploaded yesterday showing the quadruped’s first steps:

This prototype uses serial communication between a Teensy and ODrive.