Bigtree SKR v1.3 Board compatible with odrive?

Dear odrive community,

I wanted to buy the Bigtree SKR v1.3 board and combine it with the odrive system.
Now my question is this possible, has anyone tried it or has a tip for me?

Thank you
Tim :grinning:

You can use it but you have to unplug the motor drivers and connect the step/dir pins directly to ODrive.


Thank you :blush::blush:

Hey Wetmelon,

my Odrive System arrived. :slight_smile:

Exists somewhere an example or a datasheet of the wiring between controlboard and odrive system?
Do I have to adjust something in the Odrive Frimware or in Marlin?

Best regards

Awesome! Check out - it should have what you need to get started.

Does it make sense to use an external trajectory planner like marlin running on this bigtree board, if one does not want to use the rest of the marlin features? I can imagine that using the internal trapezoidal trajectory planner is much more efficient and allows for higher speeds compared to using the step/direction interface?

As long as you’re only doing point-to-point moves, that should be correct. I wouldn’t use it how it’s currently designed to do curves and circles.

Hello everybody,

is it correct that I only need to connect 3 pins?
So the pins:

  • step
  • direction
  • gnd

Or do I have to connect other pins like Enable, …?