BLDC with hall sensor doesn't work :(

Hi guys, I’ve just received my ODrive and trying to connect to two blds motors with hall sensors

But the motors just twitch once when I try to calibrate them (and no beep)

The other problem I have no idea of how to connect the hall sensor correctly.

I have no idea of where to connect H+, H- and Hc of my motor (I guess, the Ha and Hb are A and B on the board for the encoder)

Other motors details:

Nominal voltage: 24 (V)
No-load speed: 14 000 (rpm)
No-load current: 0.14 (A)
Terminal resistance phase to phase(Ω): 3.3
Terminal inductance phase to phase(mH): 0.23
Out power(W): 36


H+ depending on motor is either +5v or 3.3v. H- is ground. These power the hall sensors. Ha, Hb, Hc goes to A, B, Z inputs on the odrive. There is a good tutorial on hooking up hoverboard motor that should help you getting started.

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