Board gets hot & USB is unrecognized

My students and I are building an openDog v3, we have 6 oDrives, 5 of them are fine, one of them makes a high pitched sound, the board gets hot and it won’t recognize a computer over USB.

The kids did some sleuthing and tried to hit the USB connector with a heat gun, but I think our problem is deeper.

Hi Andrew,

Sorry about the delay. This does unfortunately happen from time to time due to damage, ground loops, etc. If it arrived dead, please email Otherwise, a good bet is to see what the
5V and 3.3V rails are measuring, and check which chips are hot. It’s often the case that a ground loop causes damage to the STM32, which then pulls the 3.3V rail low, heating up the voltage regulator. The fix is to replace the STM32.

We ordered a replacement and are good to go.

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