Board specific Motor Error Current Limit V3.6

Hey there,

were are using several Odrives Boards for our robot. They were working quite well so far.
For one axis on one board we suddenly received the error: “MOTOR_ERROR_CURRENT_LIMIT_VIOLATION”

In some cases the was also a spinout detected, but I assume that the spinout was caused by the first error, because we changed the limits for spinout detection and then we only recieved the current limit error. We thought maybe it has something to do with the controller parameters, but we found out that the error already occurs if you just change the axis state to closed loop and wait a short moment.
We measured the Iq for the axis and indeed there was a spike for the current over the allowed limit that we set. Not sure why this is happening and the other axis works fine. We then changed the odrive board, flashed the same config and everything works fine again. So this must be board specific. But the board looks fine, nothing is burned out.

Any ideas what this could be and if we can still fix the odrive board?

You can get over current and spinnout without damaging anything, re-run detection and maybe set the current limit or the current tolerance higher? Or lower the gains on the controller so it doesn’t try to spike current

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