Brake Mode on Motor?



I’m using the Odrive 3.5 for a robotics project to drive some traction wheels.

I’d like to implement a “brake” mode on for the motors and I was wondering if there was some way to command the Odrive to short all the phases together so that the motor self-brakes?


Why do you need to brake the motors by zero-voltage specifically? Why not simply set the velocity setpoint to 0?


Setting the velocity of the motor to zero seems to place the unit in some sort of position hold mode where the motor tries to return to center when pushed.

The sort of behaviour I’m looking for is for the motor to resist movement, but not try to correct for it in any way.


<odrv>.<axis>.controller.set_velocity_setpoint(0.0, 0.0) does exactly that.


What do you mean with 'to resist movement, but to not try to correct for it in any way? Do you mean the behavior of idle mode?

You could first set the velocity setpoint to zero, and after a few milliseconds set the requested state to 1