Brake resistor Circuit on Odrive Pro


I need assistance with a brake resistor circuit.

I am currently using an Odrive V3.6 with a 40 KV three-phase motor for 1200 RPM maximum (custom motor from T-motor).

I would like to upgrade to the Odrive Pro but I realize that the brake resistor circuit is not included in the Odrive Pro.

Would it be possible to add an external circuit to the Odrive Pro to allow the power generation of the motor to be dissipated?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Here is a simplified version of how they do it on ODrive V3.6 Brake Resistor Circuit. The microcontroller varies the duty cycle of a 20kHz PWM signal switching a MOSFET to essentially create a variable load which regulates the bus voltage and dissipates the power from braking. You can monitor your power supply voltage and when it rises above a threshold you gradually increase the duty cycle going to the MOSFET.

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If you can wait a bit, ODrive S1 has a built-in brake resistor output and might make more sense.