Brake resistor current help

Heya guys! I’ve got a ODrive 3.6 w/ a 48V 21A power supply and the stock 50W 2 Ohm brake resistor, I’m using it with 100W (velocity control) and 65W (position control) BLDC motors

Do I size wires for 1A (DC bus current) or 165A (max phase current)?

Also is it worth getting thermal pads or thermal paste? It’s on a 0.125" 7075 Al plate

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Size the brake resistor wires for average DC bus regen current, which is going to be some super low duty cycle pulsed load unless you’re hammering stops & starts really hard. 200W at 48V is only ~4A peak, so you can use those 1A wires if you have 25% duty cycle.

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Sweet thank you! Already used 16awg so good for 22A easily but knowing it’ll never get that high helps