Broken odrive after impact?

I’ve got a robot that uses 6 odrives (v3.5, 48v, fw 0.4) with D5065 motors and 8192 CPR encoders. After a relatively small impact one of the odrives is no longer working properly. I can connect to it through the odrivetool (via Raspberry Pi) but it won’t calibrate or move either of the attached motors. It also isn’t showing the correct vbus_voltage (should be ~24v) and instead always reports 12v. I’ve double checked all of the connections and everything seems fine. I also don’t see any signs of physical damage to the odrive/encoders/motors. Any ideas on something else to try before I order a replacement?


Also forgot to mention that in addition to no motion / beep from the motors on attempted calibration I also didn’t get any error codes from either the motors or the encoders.