Broken ODrive caused by Reversed Polarity on DC Input

Hi there!

I accidentally connected a worn out 12V lead battery to the DC input of my 56V ODrive V3.6 in reversed polarity. Magic smoke escaped immediately. Now I have got a shortage between + and -.

I could not find posts about this failure in this forum. Am I the first one who did this mistake?

Where do I have to put the magic smoke back in? I can not see any broken part. Do you have some hints for me?

I hope that you have had a better start into 2022. :wink:


Sorry, fortunately that was false alarm!

Apparently it was my power supply that broke. I am now powering the ODrive with another one and I can still communicate with it via USB. Are there any things I should check before running a motor again?


No, the calibration sequence should be enough to tell you if it’s OK hardware wise.

What power supply are you using? If you have a current-limited bench supply that can go up to 50V then you could check that the ODrive can handle 50V (in the right polarity :stuck_out_tongue: )