Brushless powered 3D printed robot arm

Hi all!

I’m building a brushless powered 3D printed robot arm and I’ve ordered Odrive to evaluate it.

The goal is to use it for manufacturing. I’m just getting started but see some pictures below and more details at the following link:

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Looks awesome! I assume there’s a spot for encoder feedback on the other side somewhere? Or are you planning on mounting to the back of the motor?

Definitely input and output encoders are planned. Right now I’m testing the basic mechanical configuration.

Awesome! What is the reduction ratio? And what is the layer thickness you are printing with, it looks very large ;D

62.5:1 ratio

0.8mm layer height with a 1.2mm nozzle. I’m planning to use a larger nozzle on the new printer I am putting together, maybe 2mm or 2.5mm.

Prints about 4x faster with the 1.2mm nozzle. Theoretically could go faster still but I haven’t tuned it.

All parts are PETG, for strength.