Bus_overvoltage error


I have a 48v 3.5 odrive that gets a “bus_overvoltage” error when I set the vel_limit over 300,000 and try to go to a position.

The board is setup with a 6374 with an encoder set at 2048 cpr

When I issue this command:
odrv0.axis0.controller.pos_setpoint = 100000
I get the error and the motor spins freely to a stop.

When I do a voltage / current graph, I see this when issuing commands to position the motor. …the first spike is when commanded to go to position 100000 and the second is when going back to 0. On the second command the motor driver reports the error and shuts down the motor.


I have set it per the setup instructions and it works well otherwise. The resistor is the 2 ohm and is set as such in the board config. I have tried to adjust this value to as high as 2.05 without any apparent change in behavior.

The voltage spike on the chart seems excessive to me … I can understand why 4 volts might trip the board limits.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to adjust the config?

What parameters are each of the lines in this plot?