Calibrated motor wont spin

I am brand new to Odrive and am having trouble getting a motor to spin. I am using a 24V drive 3.6 hooked up to a 24V power supply. I have a 9225 160KV motor with a CUI AMT102 encoder hooked up to axis1. I set all the variables and got the motor to calibrate with no errors. when I try to set up closed-loop velocity or position control nothing happens with no errors. The encoder is reading values that seem correct when I print them and spin the motor by hand. I also set the PID variables to ones that my friend has used with these motors on his 48V Odrive and this did not help. When I spin the motor by hand quickly it will shoot Unknown torque errors.

any help would be appreciated. eventually, I will be doing position holding and torque control.

Can you post your commands that you’re sending, from a freshly erased odrive to closed loop?