Calibration error 0x0002

I’m following the steps laid out in the hoverboard motor guide and I’m getting an error from calibration that I’m unsure how to address.

Error = 0x0002 and my phase inductance is nearly twice what the guide references as normal
( 0.00033594953129068017 vs 0.000508…). I continued through the steps to see what would happen and noticed this as well.

Offset_float is returning 0.0, the guide states that it should be close to 0.5.

If I continue to follow the steps, ignoring the errors I get to “odrv0.axis0.controller.vel_setpoint = 120”. I enter this command to test the motor and it twitches once, when spun manually it will continue for a short period and come to a gentle stop. I searched the forums for the error code I returned but couldn’t find anything, any ideas?

Motor error 0x2 means that the measured inductance is larger than an arbitrary sanity check limit we put in. We put this limit at 500uH. However, it seems many people, including yourself, are using ODrive with motors with significantly higher inductance than this, so we need to update the sanity check level. For this reason, we recently changed it to 2500uH. This was released today. Check here how to update the firmware.

As some general advice, I’d suggest to not ignore the errors, as things won’t behave predictably.