Calibration in MATLAB/Simulink

Hi everyone,

I use Simulink in External Mode with a Raspberry Pi to control my ODrive. Unfortunately, I am facing issues in calibrating my motors and putting them in Closed Loop Control Mode afterwards. Has anyone succeeded in calibrating the motors by Simulink? Or does anyone know where the problem could be?

If I am trying to put a time delay in my system object code (to give the motors enough time to calibrate before going into Closed Loop Control), I am getting the following error: ‘External Mode Open Protocol Connect Commande failed, Caused by: Could not connect to XCP slave: XCP Master TCP/IP error: Connect failed’, ‘Unable to connect to the ‘Raspberry Pi’ target’. The motors calibrate, but I am unable to control them afterwards since the Simulink model stops due to the error.

I’d be grateful for help! Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face: