Calibration isn't starting

I bought a odrive and i am running a cheap 5065 Aliexpress motors and your 8192 CPR ENCODER with the right cabling.
I went through the startup guide till the calibration sequence.
First it moved a bit and now it is doing nothing when i start it again.
I also power cycled it several time but that didn’t help.
The dump_errors shows that:
In [5]: dump_errors(odrv0)

AttributeError Traceback (most recent call last)
c:\users\marvin\appdata\local\programs\python\python38-32\lib\site-packages\fibre\ in
----> 1 dump_errors(odrv0)

c:\users\marvin\appdata\local\programs\python\python38-32\lib\site-packages\odrive\ in dump_errors(odrv, clear)
78 (‘axis’, axis, {k: v for k, v in odrive.enums.dict .items() if k.startswith(“AXIS_ERROR_”)}),
79 (‘motor’, axis.motor, {k: v for k, v in odrive.enums.dict .items() if k.startswith(“MOTOR_ERROR_”)}),
—> 80 (‘fet_thermistor’, axis.fet_thermistor, {k: v for k, v in odrive.enums.dict .items() if k.startswith(“THERMISTOR_CURRENT_LIMITER_ERROR”)}),
81 (‘motor_thermistor’, axis.motor_thermistor, {k: v for k, v in odrive.enums.dict .items() if k.startswith(“THERMISTOR_CURRENT_LIMITER_ERROR”)}),
82 (‘encoder’, axis.encoder, {k: v for k, v in odrive.enums.dict .items() if k.startswith(“ENCODER_ERROR_”)}),

c:\users\marvin\appdata\local\programs\python\python38-32\lib\site-packages\fibre\ in getattribute(self, name)
243 return attr
244 else:
–> 245 return object.getattribute(self, name)
246 #raise AttributeError(“Attribute {} not found”.format(name))

AttributeError: ‘RemoteObject’ object has no attribute ‘fet_thermistor’

In [6]:

Does anybody know what those mean?
How can i fix it?
I am a bit in a hurry because i need it for a school project and it has to be finished.
Thanks for every help

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Hi Marvin,

That error output is not a normal dump_errors() output, but an exception caused by the ODrive disappearing from your computer. If this happens when you calibrate, there is a high chance that it is caused by noise. Do you have another USB cable you can try?

The thing is the motor doesn’t move at all.
I checkt the windings and used a esc and it seemed alright.
I have tested it with a other cable but still the same errorcode.
That is my current setup.

The motor is a 140Kv 7 pole motor (I counted 14 magnets)
Anything else i can try?
Thx for your fast reply

Ah! I was wrong earlier. I think you have a version mismatch between your ODrive and odrivetool. What firmware version and odrivetool versions are you using?

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I am using ODrive control utility v0.5.1.
I received it like one month ago, so I thought it should be up to date…
So i guess I have to update the ODrive firmware?
Thanks a lot

Okay thank you so much!
It is working now / at least I can read the errors :slight_smile:
I will look in the wiki here and if it doesn’t work i will come back again.
Again thanks
Greetings from Switzerland


Hi Marvin, I am experiencing the exact same issue that you reported here. Just wondering how did you end up getting past this eror ?

So the problem are my shitty motors.
Probably u should check the resistance between the 3 Phases with a multimeter.
Both of my motors had a loose contact… so they work sometimes and sometimes they don’t.
But I was able to measure that there is a resistance problem.
(That’s what happen when u buy to cheap motors from aliexpress)

Otherwise if u are using some special kind of motors there is the possibility to adjust the range.
–> U should take a look at the error description on the odrive site.


Hi Marvin. How were you able to read the error? I got the same output as your initial post.

It was a firmware match problem… download the latest firmware for the board and odrivetool


On the odrive troubleshooting page it says the following : To get the newest version of odrivetool, you can run pip install odrive --upgrade. To get the newest ODrive firmware, run odrivetool dfu. The 'pip install --upgrade odrive ’ did it for me.


Why should pip install not work? Do u have the right python version? (3.8.6) Pip installer updated?
Idk anhing else about your problem.