Calibration issue <SOLVED>

I have been able to get the motor on axis0 working flawlessly. i am now trying to get my second motor to work on axis1. i have done the same exact setup process. i’ve confirmed that all the values for configuration are the same, as these are the same exact motors and encoders:
(motor = D5065 270KV / encoder = 8192 cpr encoder in shop)
when i begin the calibration sequence the motor begins spinning clockwise twice.
the hex error value is:
axis1.error = 0x100
axis1.encoder.error = 0x2 (indicating an index not found error.)
all other error codes are 0x0 or no error

i’ve tried disabling the index with .encoder.config.use_index = False
and have the same exact issue. so i set it back to true

i only have a multi-meter at for troubleshooting. i looked at the voltage and i read 0.94v is this normal.
thanks in advance

Turns out the Dip switches were all in the on position instead of the default off position. I feel dumb…