Calibration with AMT232A-V

I recently use the ODrive v3.6.
And I want to use AMT232A-V.
But I can’t pass the calibration.
I think the problem will resolve to change the calibration range and cpr(encoder’s resolution).
I review the following points:
calibration range:40%
Then, the calibration is pass.
But, I try to rotate the motor, the gains aren’t match.
So, I want to reduce the calibration range. To about 5%.

If you have any idea, please reply to me.
Also, if you used AMT232A-V.

The AMT232 is supported in CUI Absolute Encoder mode, but only if you add a tri-state buffer. See Stuck in DRV8301_readSpi infinite loop when using absolute encoders · Issue #420 · odriverobotics/ODrive · GitHub

Thank you for reply.
And I’m so sorry for the lack of my explain.
I resolved this problem.
I changed the Motor, then the calibration was success.
Then I will try to read the two AMT232A-V.

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