CAN BUS and isolated CAN driver


I plan to connect 2 odrive S1 to a Raspberry Pi. I read a lot about ground loop but I am not 100% sure I use the right approach.

My Raspberry is mounted with an isolated can driver. CAN HAT

HAT Schematic

I saw that the S1 CAN signals are referenced to DC-. And DC- is not connected internaly to J16 and J17 GND NC. So I need to wire DC- and GND NC together externally right ?

To do so I plan to wire the 2 drivers like this :


If someone can tell me if I am on the right way with my cabling or if a made a ground loop please ?

Also if you have any advices I will be grateful,

Best regards,

Hi! That looks just fine! You never have topological loops on DC-, and the CAN HAT’s GND connects to DC- in a single place. Nice!