Can Bus -- how to recieve mechanical power data from CAN

Hello to everyone,

I want to receive “mechanical_power” information from the CAN line, but I could not find the relevant signal.

There is no “mechanical_power” related signal here —>>>>> ttps://

I used signals like input_pos,input_torque,requested_state , but There is no “mechanical_power” , What can ı do ?

anticogging_valid: False (bool)
autotuning: …
config: …
electrical_power: -0.18198758363723755 (float)
error: 1 (uint8)
input_pos: 6.726232628759122e-44 (float)
input_torque: 0.0 (float)
input_vel: 0.0 (float)
last_error_time: 8044.12890625 (float)
mechanical_power: -2.788583944006386e-43 (float)
move_incremental(obj: object_ref, displacement: float, from_input_pos: bool)
pos_setpoint: 6.726232628759122e-44 (float)
start_anticogging_calibration(obj: object_ref)
torque_setpoint: 0.0 (float)
trajectory_done: True (bool)
vel_integrator_torque: -0.06608488410711288 (float)
vel_setpoint: 0.0 (float)

Hi @mustafaacarinfo , that signal is not present, sorry. You can create a new CAN message which provides this value by following the other messages as examples

Ok. Thank u wetmelon