Can I use Odrive to build a cheetah leg?

Hello!I am going to implement the demo shown here [](http://MIT cheetah leg)
But I have met some difficulties.
I am going to use brushless motors and planetary reducer to make the actuator, and I have found some opensource projects like Opentorque. So the hardware problem is solved generally. Another question I don’t solve yet is the motor driver or ESC.
At first, I tried VESC but I found it difficult to use STM32 to control it and there was something wrong with the encoder. So I think it’s time to give Odrive a shot.
However, I am in China and there is no agency selling Odrive. I need to buy components and soldering by myself.
Here comes the question. Can Odrive implement impedance control like the video without changing source code? If I need to change source code, how to read souce code cause I have tried and failed…
Thanks for anyone’s comments

Your project sounds really cool. There are some other people also using ODrive for similar projects, for example OpenTorque is using it. So I think ODrive should work well for your project also.

Yes I think the impedance control you see demonstrated in that video should be working without changing the firmware code, just setting parameters. Specifically a position gain and velocity gain.

We ship to China, so you can just order on the ODrive Shop.

THANKS A LOT! If there is any progress, I will share it here.