Can not add custom parameter to Firmware


I want to add a custom MOTOR_TYPE to firmware.

I add new Motor type to odrive-interface.yaml.


And I regenerate parameters by the command that

python Firmware/ --definitions Firmware/odrive-interface.yaml --template tools/enums_template.j2 --output tools/odrive/


I can finished to build and flash custom firmware that add the motor type.

But,I cannot find the motor type in odrivetool.

What is wrong?

Please advise for me.


Make sure you’re running the odrivetool from the tools/ folder and not from wherever you installed python.

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Aha yes of course, it’s not anew variable he was adding but a new enum value.

Enums are an unfortunate limitation in the otherwise self-describing Fibre protocol.

Thank you for your reply.
I can find my custom parameter when I built in tool/folder.