CAN protocol Get_Iq error

Hi everybody,

I am currently using the CAN protocol to command the ODrive. I am using python-can and the CANSimple DBC file provided in the documentation (ODrive/odrive-cansimple.dbc at master · odriverobotics/ODrive · GitHub). It works fine (I can read the Heartbeat message, I can change the required state, I can command the torque…) except for the Get_Iq command which returns me 0 for the Iq_Setpoint and a constant value for the Iq_Measured. This makes me think that Iq_Measured is actually Iq_Setpoint and that Iq_Setpoint is something else.

Has anyone experienced something similar? Any suggestion on how to solve this? Thank you!

Hi elena, sorry about the delay in responding - this is an issue we discovered and fixed in the newer software, but I’m not sure it’s been pushed out yet. Please use the devel branch for 3.6 to fix this