Can you see any problems with this setup of ODrive boards

Hi there, have a quick question!

attached is an image

If the above container is grounded, can anyone see any (noise or something) problems with the layout; or would the ODrives be better in separate containers?

open to any and all suggestions!

Regards Jerry :thinking:

I had been working with a bundle of ODrives in a similar configuration–packed together in an enclosure with ports for the wires—I will say that my application is with relatively low current (<10A), but while testing it I wasn’t experiencing any noise that affected the boards while inside the enclosure.

However, I will warn that there were issues of the practical variety, with wiring! When the boards were enclosed with such little room around them it was very cumbersome for checking connections and adding new ones, and avoiding a tangle of wires when one board needed to be taken out, and then strain relieving the cables from the board through the enclosure was a whole ordeal.

So for maintenance purposes I’m now working on a design where they are in an array of separate enclosures and all the connections are all made through panel-mount connectors on the enclosure. (There’s something about metric threaded circular connectors that I just find gorgeous)

My previous design was something like this –

And my current design is something like this (cases have ventilation slots not illustrated here)–

I’m thinking it will be very worth the extra material of separate cases just to keep it feeling maintainable and keep the connections stable.


Hi Isabel, thank you for your response to my inquiry, it make sense to establish a connection in a single housing, but I was trying to cool both boards with one fan, if it was needed.

So I will go with two housings, and a larger fan and shroud.

Isabel; is it possible to enlighten me a little on your project?

It has a WOW factor, and I’m a little intrigued :thinking:

Regards Jerry :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh I see, in that case I don’t know about the considerations needed for active cooling-- other than the obvious of making sure the case is well vented and having the boards oriented with the mosfet sides toward the fan.

Mine is for a robotic sculpture piece :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Isabel, thank you for your support, it is appreciated

Kind Regards Jerry :grinning: