Cannot compiling with vs code

Hello. I’m Japanese college student. I’m studying underwater robot arm and I want to control BLDC motor with using odrive. So I bought Odrive and use thank you. However I want to use SPI Interface to use magnet encode AS5048a, I cannnot compile with vs code.

I worked while referring to these sites ODrive Firmware Developer Guide and Configuring Visual Studio Code. I installed all prerequisites and did 1-6 setup procedure of Configuring Visual Studio Code site. But, I could not do this sentence, The first time you open it, VSCode will install some dependencies. When I opened code-workspace file, vs code was not installed and nothing happened. I didn’t know how to do. Could you tell me how to do details to solve this problem.

My PC environment
Windows 10 64bit Odrive 3.6-24V

Can you not open the workspace at all in VS Code?

I would troubleshoot your VS Code install first with maybe some other googling.

Once you can open the workspace file in the ODrive clone/zip from github then I think this forum can be of more help.

Try these as well before starting from command line. They can be setup following this:

arm-none-eabi-gcc --version
arm-none-eabi-gdb --version
openocd --version             # should be 0.10.0 or later
tup --version                 # should be 0.7.5 or later
python --version              # should be 3.7 or later

thank you for replying.

I could open the workspace at VS Code. this picture was my situation when Run Build Task.

I installed all prerequisites these command is

i could do with other PC. thank you.

Hello chelshitan

Have you solve the problem yet ? I am facing the same situation as you. The Visual Studio Core always shows some strange problems ,even the “********” in the files would sometimes error ,though I have all the prerequisites done. Besides I have tried the same thing in the Ubuntu OS but still have some unexpected problems . Occasionally it will work again…

Coule you tell me how you solve it please.Thank you very much.

I solved using other new PC of Windows10. I don’t know why I could solved the problem.
I worked while watching this

I wish you good luck.

Your vedio is such useful. I appreciate it. By watching your vedio, I had built the file “version.h” which is important for compiler and success to compile it.Thank you.