Cannot connect to board with odrivetool after power outage

i am trying out hoverboard mode on odrive 56V, and was testing power outages with a lab bench power supply. after I shut down the power, returned the power, and re-connected the usb, I am now unable to connect to the board from odrivetool. (using osx)

I have tried:
rebooting my computer, and the odrive board.
connected other usb devices to my computer and checked that usb ports work.

Question1: could this be something I did to the hardware?
Question2: is there any way I can force reset the board?
Question3: I don’t have stlink or other tools, can I reset the board manually or set firmware to default state?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Minomushi,

sounds like you have had a similar experience too me… but mine happened during a firmware upgrade…

so my question is 6 days later… no replies to your post… but did you get it working… ???

There’s no way that I know of to recover the firmware. Please use an STlink to re-flash it.

Was the motor spinning when you disabled the power?

I see this problem regularly, it is a real pain. Unfortunately, the only way I know to recover it is to flash the odrive.