Cannot drive Odrive BLDC motor D6374 150kV

Hello Odrive Community,

I am new to odrive and I require assistance in driving the Odrive motor D6374 150kV. I am trying to drive the motor in sensorless mode. The methods followed, and parameters assigned seems insufficient to drive Odrive BLDC motor D6374 150kV. I followed the below steps for configuration:
Please let me know, where the mistake resides. Also, using the same set of command as enlisted in Odrive web, there is error:


Here, the firmware version used is firmware v0.5.5 after executing the commands till motor axis requested as AXIS STATE MOTOR CALIBRATION, the odrive motor beeped.
Even after executing the above lines, there was no output rather error which I am still trying to figure out.

I figured out the reason behind the motor not being calibrated, and the other additional errors.
Initially the firmware version which I had set as per the odrive documentation was 0.5.5, odrive utility version downloaded using pip in command prompt was 0.6.3.

If only we change the version from 0.6.3 to 0.4.12, everything works smoothly.
To install, use the command :
pip install odrive==0.4.12
There might be ChannelBrokenException errors after executing odrv0.reboot() & odrv0.erase_configuration(), these can be neglected as they occur due to different version


You downgraded odrivetool but not the firmware. Please restore your odrivetool to 0.6.3 and follow the getting started guide for firmware 0.5.5. Getting Started — ODrive Documentation 0.5.5 documentation