Can't config pin PWM

can’t setting for pwm i follow Makerbase oDrive Lesson 8 PWM Test - YouTube

please guide me

The content of this video is very outdated, I would suggest starting with the PWM input documentation.
Which ODrive device are you using? What firmware are you working with?
If gpio4 is correct, then the command you are looking for is
odrv0.config.gpio4_pwm_mapping.endpoint = odrv0.axis0.controller._input_pos_property

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that’s work thank you so much

if i control by velocity Could you advice me please

Yeah, you can control the velocity input using PWM by setting: odrv0.config.gpio4_pwm_mapping.endpoint = odrv0.axis0.controller._input_vel_property

not work for me

So everything was working when you used _input_pos_property, but now it does not move?
What input_mode are you using?