Can't connect oDrive to Raspberry Pi



I would like to connect my RasPi 3 Model B+, 2017 to the oDrive 3.5, but I fail with the USB path specification, maybe because I’m not that used to Python code yet. The answer I get is

$ ./odrivetool --path /dev/bus/usb/001/005
ODrive control utility
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or better yet, submit a pull request to fix it.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "./odrivetool", line 137, in <module>, logger, app_shutdown_token)
File "/home/dlguser/odrive/ODrive/tools/odrive/", line 90, in launch_shell
branding_short="odrv", branding_long="ODrive")
File "/home/dlguser/odrive/ODrive/Firmware/fibre/python/fibre/", line 64, in launch_shell
File "/home/dlguser/odrive/ODrive/Firmware/fibre/python/fibre/", line 110, in find_all
raise Exception("Invalid path spec \"{}\"".format(search_spec))
Exception: Invalid path spec "/dev/bus/usb/001/005"

I got the USB path from
but maybe I have to change it?

Without the path command, I also get the error
Exception: Invalid path spec "usb"

Do you have any idea what I could do? Thank you very much!