Change calibration distance

Hi im trying to setup a belt driven linear axis for a wire edm machine using a 190kv 14 pole sensored motor and a .001mm linear encoder. Im not able to calibrate the motor with the default calibration cycle due to the travel limits of the axis being equivalent to about 5 motor turns (40mm/rev 200mm total travel). I have the hall sensors set as the commutation encoder and the linear encoder set as an incremental load encoder with index pulses.

Is there a way to change to calibration distance to allow the motor to finish calibration? or is it possible to calibrate the motor separate from the linear encoder then recombine them?

Simply disconnect the motor from the axis, calibrate the hall sensors / commutation encoders, save the parameters, then mount it to the axis & home it or use the load encoder. You should not have to do the calibration process more than once.

Cool project! Note you can also decrease calib_scan_dist, though this may affect the accuracy of calibration.