Clear error and restart board

Is it possible to clear error codes and return to AXIS_STATE_CLOSED_LOOP_CONTROL or restart board by sending some command to UART?
Or may be I can disable to go to IDLE when non critical errors?

Yes, you can clear errors by writing the value 0 to the error parameter. For example w axis0.error 0


What if we are using Odrive by setting the speed with pwm so we have neither uart nor USB
When an error happens and the motor goes to IDLE is there any why to clear the error or ignore it just by using PWM signal.(It’s the case with VESC we need to set back the speed to zero wait 1s and then the motor can spin normally)

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There is no way to clear the errors in that case. It’s a good point you raise and we can consider the safety of such a “neutral command reset” for future uupdates.