Compatibility with a stepper motor

Can anyone from the ODrive team suggest compatibility with stepper motors from NiMotion China?
link to the stepper motor data sheet - DropMeFiles ā€“ free one-click file sharing service

Any assistance appreciated.

Hi @TCH, stepper motors are not officially supported by ODrive. What are you trying to do?

i consider to operate a rotation stage based on STM 57 stepper motor
and like to know if ODrive controller will work with this motor

Sorry, ODrive will not work with that motor. Even from a basic hardware point of view: A 2-phase stepper has 4 wires, ODrive has 3 output wires.
It is possible to make ODrive work with 3-phase steppers (which have 3 wires) but not 2-phase motors.
Iā€™d suggest you consider NEMA-size brushless motors with integrated gearbox

thank you for your reply and suggestions!

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