Components soldered in odd locations on ODrive v3.4


first, Thanks for the awesome Project! In the past I had experience with the Mechaduino-Project (open-source servo motor ) and now I’m using it for a small Stepcraft CNC.
Today I got my new Odrive 3.4-48V-Version for future projects.

I’m worry about this Odrive-board, because it looks like maybe not perfectly soldered. The places for C32 and C47 are unsoldered. Below are two parts (capacitor or resistor) without label. The left one is diagonal soldered and the right one looks like don’t belong there.
Before I’m connecting the board to power, it is better to ask.
Test it or I can try to repair it?

I can upload only one pic…


There is a ground bug on v3.4 that @madcowswe fixed manually.
You can find details in the odrive discord #pcb channel.

Yes, sorry I didn’t get a chance to do a writeup about it, but you are absolutely right. I had to move C32 and C47 from their original locations to make-shift pads by the thermal-vias of the DRV chips. This is completely fine, and will be the case for all ODrive v3.4’s.

I also had to cut the board in 3 places as shown here:

The cuts look something like this:

Sorry to have this spook you, I should have written something about it earlier. I renamed the title of this thread to something that people will be able to find if they are wondering the same thing.

So, it’s all Okay. I’m happy to hear that :wink:
Thanks for the great support and thumbs up!

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