Confused, Befuddled and Perplexed

Hi all, just about to wire the ODrive up for the first time, and to say the least ( A little confused I be)

1/ Has the encoder wiring changed?? Encoder: CUI-AMT 102-V

a/ the getting started guide shows an image totally different to the encoder cable setup
purchased with the Odrive. (image attached)

b/ or is the cable held within the socket only to make it look tidy?

c/ Should I remove the cables from the sockets and connect as the image shown on the
getting started guide?

2/ Polarity for brake resister?

Again: (getting started guide shows) polarity on the brake resistor; firstly what I know of
electronics is ZERO, but was told many many years ago that resistors can be connected
either way, am I wrong in this case, as I cannot find any marking of polarity.

3/ Finally: Motor phases. (getting started guide shows)
It appears to me the lines drawn to the cables to be different on the two motors shown.
So on the 6374 which colours nominate A the B and the C

I have RED, YELLOW and BLUE heat shrink.

Thanks in advance

Resistor polarity doesn’t matter, motor phase wire order doesn’t matter either.

In your photo of the connector, reverse it 180 degrees so that the black wire plugs into the GND at the end (doesn’t REALLY matter, but black is conventionally ground), then plug into the AMT-102 with the red wire on the B side. This assumes that all the wires that were made have consistent colors and pins, of course. Tell you what, just match A->A and 5v->5v on the board and encoder and you’re good.

Hi Metanioc, thank you for the reply, again you have been very helpful.

Since posting, I have found the wiring spec on the AMT 102-V encoder, I should have looked for a few more minutes, rather than just the first 20 pages on google.

I think what threw me most of all was the purchased encoder cables were different on both ends
(image supplied) and with 2 cables different wiring on both. Whom ever made the cables must have had a very late night, or was wiring with the light off :sleepy:

Thanks again
Kind Regards

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The cables are intentionally different colour order on each side, that’s because the encoder pin ordering is different on the encoder as on the ODrive.

You should plug in the encoder cable like this:

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Hi Madcowswe, thanks for the update, I thought there must be a reason the wiring didn’t match up.

Thanks for the reply :smiley: