I am using 0.5.3. firmware on 3.6-56 odrive. I keep getting CONTROL_DEADLINE_MISSED on both motor 1 and 2 while using Traj. command. It happen randomly after the drive run for about 5-10min.

I had disable ‘Vel Limit’ and ‘Overspeed Err’ but still having having the same issue. Anyone experience the same issue? Any suggestion where to look and what parameter to change?

Traj. vel Limit = 25, Traj. Accel Limit =15, Traj. Decel Limit = 15. Pos Gain = 50 & 80.

I am using odrive to control a 2 axis XY table.

Oh these are always fun lol.

How fast are you sending input_pos commands? And do you have the PWM or step/dir inputs configured?

‘input_pos’ are send every 2-3 seconds after the trajectory_done to both motor. But I am pulling trajectory_done with a python code until the motion is done, then the motor will dwell for 2-3 seconds before next input_pos command is send. Meanwhile, I am also pulling odrive error status and encoder estimate position all the time for control logic and UI. Not using any PWM or step/dir input.

I had another system running for over a year with 0.5.1 without any issue, and this is the new build system that I upgrade the program to work with 0.5.3. By the way, I am running the control on raspberry pi 3.

I am notice that when i got this error, both motor still in closed loop control. The the motor is also in position. I remember that with 0.5.1 firmware, with any error the motor will be put into idle. I expect the same with 0.5.3 and this is actually confuse me now.

While typing this message, now I get “CONTROL_ITERATION_MISSED”. Anyone have with any recommendation will be very much appreciate.

Has anyone experience ‘ground loop’ issue with USB that causes Odrive to post all this motor or controller error? After tracing the logic on my program, all this error from Odrive are posted while there is not new command to move. Both motor were in position and in closed loop. The error trigger once the external machine sending a signal to my RPI controller requesting next move. ( Panel PC - 10.2" Raspberry Pi Water-Resistant Industrial Panel PC (CPi-A102WR) )

Oh that’s really strange. All error cause the odrive to go back to IDLE, so if you’re getting an error but it’s not going to IDLE, then … maybe it’s not a real error?

You are right! finally found the root cause of the issue. The main problem is due to the noise on power source. USB isolator or grounding can not resolve it. The raspberry pi and odrive get the 300watt 24VDC from power supply that get it 110V thru a transformer from a old machine power by 220VAC single phase. It appear that the high voltage power is noisy and the power supply just passing all the noise thru. We are going to use EMC filter to eliminate the noise on the 110VAC line.