Control modes at the same time

Can this driver be used with position control and torque control at the same time?
(To open and tighten the cap and put on the tip.)
Is it possible to monitor torque changes while the arm is moving in position control?
(To detect collisions.)

You can set a current limit (aka torque limit) in position control, and yes you can monitor the phase current at all times.

Hello Wetmelon. Thank you for your answer.
May I ask you one more thing?
I am using position control to move the motors odrive.SetPosition(1, pos_m1);.
The motors run well. I want to implement a function to detect the collision of the motor. So, if the motor hits a surface it mean the current will increase and this increment I need to measure to stop the motor from Arduino. The problem is when running the motor with Arduino I try to stop the motor with my hand and the motor stop without a fight and died and I have to reboot the odrive because there is no command to do that from Arduino. I’d like to know why the motor died without a fight even if the current limit is up to 50A. Shall I set up the current as a static value? Is it ok to use odrive.SetPosition(0, pos_m0,velocity_feedforward),current_feedforward); if I use that the motor 0 doesn’t rotate.

Did you get an error? Check dump_errors(odrv0) from USB or query each .error value from UART. You can send the command sr to reboot the ODrive via UART.