Core Bootloader

Hi how can i get stm32 core Bootloader ?
I need it .

guys pls help me i flashed my stm32 on my o drive how can i recive core bootloder ?

If you need to flash the firmware, you can get the firmware here Release fw-v0.5.1 · odriverobotics/ODrive · GitHub and instructions for flashing are on this page ODrive Tool | ODrive.

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I need your help.
I removed the board programs and STM32 software completely and my STM32 is completely empty.
How can I rebuild the board and the STM32 programs ?

If the STM32 is erased / empty you need to use a ST-Link:

ODrive Tool | ODrive (

i changed STM32 chip on my bord . becuase this chip damaged . now can i upload the all progeram with ST_Link ?

Hi, yes you can, ST-Link can program empty chips