Core Bootloader

Hi how can i get stm32 core Bootloader ?
I need it .

guys pls help me i flashed my stm32 on my o drive how can i recive core bootloder ?

If you need to flash the firmware, you can get the firmware here Release fw-v0.5.1 · odriverobotics/ODrive · GitHub and instructions for flashing are on this page ODrive Tool | ODrive.

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I need your help.
I removed the board programs and STM32 software completely and my STM32 is completely empty.
How can I rebuild the board and the STM32 programs ?

If the STM32 is erased / empty you need to use a ST-Link:

ODrive Tool | ODrive (

i changed STM32 chip on my bord . becuase this chip damaged . now can i upload the all progeram with ST_Link ?

Hi, yes you can, ST-Link can program empty chips

then i need core bootloder for my o drive
do you have core programs ?

The STM32 bootloader is programmed in ROM on the chip. It’s not possible to erase it. If you program with ST-Link, you will still have the bootloader from the chip itself.
The DFU switch should be enough to force ODrive into DFU mode, no matter what you have done to the firmware.