CRC needed for Native Protocol

I am working on a project to talk to the odrive over the Native Protocol.

My code is working, but not ready to send commands to the odrive, because I don’t have a way to retrieve the json spec from endpoint 0 and generate the api crc.

Can someone provide the crc for api version?
My board has these versions…
hw_version_major = 3 (int)
hw_version_minor = 6 (int)
hw_version_variant = 56 (int)
fw_version_major = 0 (int)
fw_version_minor = 4 (int)
fw_version_revision = 11 (int)
fw_version_unreleased = 0 (int)

Once I get this working, I will publish a quick sample app that demonstrates using the native protocol without using any libraries. I think this will help answer a lot of the questions people have about the native protocol.


I think it is simply:

constexpr uint16_t PROTOCOL_VERSION = 1;