Creating projects with O-Drive and JuicyBoard

hello O-Drive enthusiasts

I’ve created a modular robotics platform that allows easy hardware customization, it’s open source, take a look at the documentation page

I’m pushing to get some units available by June (hopefully before that if nothing goes wrong).

Right now I’m using Juicyboard for my 3D printers and CNC router. With O-Drive I can make better applications, faster and bigger routers. One of the things I’m thinking about right now is a large Me-Arm robotic arm based on this instructable that can lift 4 pounds, that could be a challenge to make without gears but maybe possible with O-Drive.

I’d like to pick your brains about O-Drive and Juicyboard in an open discussion, what else can be done? any new modules that can be useful? any problems or limitations you can think of ? what enhancements can be done to make something that your need?


Hey Sherif! Welcome!

Your modular robotics board looks really cool! The ODrive will just do two high power axes, and not much more. But paired with a modular full-system handling unit like your board, it could be an amazing combination.
Especially since the ODrive has such diverse domains it could be used, and the same with your modular system.

What kind of motion profiles are supported by JuicyWare right now? I take it they will be the same as in Smoothieware so far?


Thanks Oscar!

Right now smoothieware supports cartesian and delta motion profiles, in fact smoothie is known to be better for delta. I’m sure that it’s easy to add other profiles such as polar. Digging deeper in smoothie I found out that I can exchange step/dir control with simpler position commands for O-Drive

btw I have a plan to merge JuicyWare back into smoothieware, I contacted smoothieware owner and he completely supports it, we’ll get a bigger community that way