Current_control_mode / position_control_mode

Hello there,
I am new to odrive and i was trying to test the current control mode and found results inconsistent when i change the current set point.
sometimes error message appear “ERROR_CURRENT_UNSTABLE”
I am running the motor on a sensorless mode, what is wrong with it?

another question;
can i use the position control without encoder as open control loop, if yes how to use it?

I saw the “ERROR_CURRENT_UNSTABLE” when I was running in current mode with no physical load on the motor shaft. The reason for this is that current equates to torque. And without a load on the motor, there is nothing for the motor to apply this torque to other than acceleration and some bearing friction. So with an unloaded motor, if the current set point is to high, it will become difficult for the current loop to actually push this amount of current through the windings.

No, position control only works with velocity control.