Current_state always IDLE

I have an Odrive Pro I’ve been working with, running from a Raspberry Pi. Bouncing back and forth between a python script and using the odrivetool command line to debug/dump errors/tweak settings.

I had things working pretty well this morning, but then I wanted to try out trajectory control. I thought I had implemented the simple changes in my python script, but when I tried to run it, I got no motion (after the Encoder Offset Calibrattion). And now when I try to revert to simple Position Control, nothing there, either (past the Encoder Offset Calibration).

So then I moved to trying to use the web GUI … connection is fine, and it shows my settings are still in there, and it will do the FULL_CALIBRATION_SEQUENCE, the MOTOR_CALIBRATION, or the ENCODER_OFFSET_CALIBRATION just fine. But then if I try to set requested_state to CLOSED_LOOP_CONTROL, current_state just stays IDLE. input_mode = PASSTHROUGH, control_mode = POSITION_CONTROL. No error shown.

If I change input_mode to VELOCITY_CONTROL and requested_mode to CLOSED_LOOP_CONTROL, I get an error “MISSING ESTIMATE”.

If I clear the errors, redo the FULL_CALIB_SEQ, change input_mode to TRAP_TRAJ and control_mode back to POSITION_CONTROL, then request CLOSED_LOOP_CONTROL, again, no motion, and current_state stays IDLE. No error shown, but Procedure Result = NOT_CALIBRATED.

Any tips?

I’m having a similar problem too, with Odrive 3.6 running firmware 0.5.4 from a PC running ubuntu.

We’re getting the MISSING_ESTIMATE error message when we send position input as well (via .input_pos = ...